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Mr. Daniel has many tools and techniques to help prepare his audience for worst case scenarios.
Active Shooter Survival

Mr. Daniel guides his audiences in the creation of their own customized survival mindsets for the specific venues which they frequent in their daily lives.


This is accomplished by exposing the student to various tactics and techniques then encouraging them to visualize a gunman coming into those locations and how they would apply these tactics in order to survive.

Terrorist Survival

Mr. Daniel assists his audiences in reshaping their normal life patterns to create life styles which provide more safety and security than they presently exhibit. Encouraging situational awareness and a critical eye become the corner stones of an alert life style.

Security Surveys

Based upon the principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design or CEPTD, Mr. Daniel provides two levels of fiscal security guidance.


First is to walk the facility with the client noting basic observed deficiencies. Second is to present a detailed written survey on observed deficiencies of the facility.

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