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Stephen Daniel
Senior Community Liaison
Houston Police Department

Mr. Daniel began his security/law enforcement career managing corporate investigations for Burns International Security Services. These included undercover, background, surveillance, and white collar crime. Following the investigative management he managed security guard operations for Burns in the state of New Mexico supervising over 500 security officers.


Mr. Daniel moved from Burns to Pinkerton Security Services as a District Manager for guard and investigative operations in north Texas. While there he obtained recognition as the top District Manager worldwide in the Pinkerton operation.


Following the above assignments he served as District Manager for Smith Protective Services in Houston, Texas for 9 years. For the next ten years he was the Director of Safety & Police for Houston Baptist University where as well as managing the campus police force he facilitated a number of cutting edge law enforcement training seminars, importing national experts in various law enforcement disciplines. During 2001 Mr. Daniel was the Chairman for the local chapter of the American Society for Industrial Security. For over 20 years Mr. Daniel has been the only civilian member of the ATF Bomb Council.


In 2007 Mr. Daniel joined the Houston Police Department as Senior Community Liaison. Beginning the first of 2011 he began facilitating “Active Shooter Defense” training with Sgt. Lee Lawrence of the HPD SWAT team. In October of 2011 as Sgt. Lawrence deployed to Afghanistan with his Army Ranger detachment, Mr. Daniel began promoting and presenting the Active Shooter Defense program in Houston. To date over 27,000 citizens have be trained in Active Shooter survival by Mr. Daniel. Mr. Daniel is continually researching and developing tactics which citizens may employee in order to survive an Active Shooter assault. Following the terrorist attacks in Paris in November of 2015, Mr. Daniel has included defensive tactics that one may use in a terrorist attack. He works closely with the Houston SWAT team in order to present the most viable advice possible to the citizens. Mr. Daniel is experienced in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design or CPTED and incorporates these principles into his Active Shooter training. Mr. Daniel brings a passion for Active Shooter training as well as over 35 years of experience in security/law enforcement.

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